Wellness Consulting

Wellness/good health has traditionally been viewed as the absence of disease, therefore if you were not sick, you were healthy. This perspective is changing. Whilst everyone agrees that the absence of illness is one part of being healthy, it doesn’t indicate whether you are in a state of well-being.
Lifestyle choices have been found to be the single most important factor determining your general health, therefore it is important that you know how to “take charge” of your daily life and set healthy lifestyle goals. A wellness-oriented lifestyle encourages you to adopt habits and behaviors that promote an improved quality of life, build self-confidence and have a positive mental focus.
Wellness is a positive approach to living- a holistic view of a person, that takes into account both body and mind to have a complete state of well-being.

One area of health that I emphasize is helping people appreciate what it means to be a healthy person, as opposed to simply not being sick.

As a wellness consultant I assist you to make small changes that help shift your body and mind from stress to wellness. Most people by now know that a healthy lifestyle and diet are imperative to overall wellness, but many don't know where to start.
I will support you through the journey of learning about healthy eating and exercising correctly.

Please contact me about Wellness Consulting for your company.